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With no more mowing or weeding, winter is a nice period of rest from lawn maintenance. That doesn’t mean you can completely abandon your lawn though! Winter maintenance for grass involves just a few simple steps that should have your lawn looking lush again in the spring.

The most important and active steps in winter lawn care will take place before winter even starts. As the first frost approaches, gradually lower the blade of your lawnmower with each mowing. This will ease your grass into a shorter length that will discourage rodents from taking shelter in it over winter.

Just before the first frost, aerate your lawn to relieve compaction. Then apply a lawn fertilizer. Since activity on the grass will be low, the fertilizer will sit among the blades and slowly seep in, feeding them all season long.

When you aerate and fertilize, make sure to move across your lawn in a crisscrossing pattern – if you move in a single set of straight lines, your lawn will look like the Lincoln City football strip in the spring.

Other than that, it’s just simple maintenance. Sweep away fallen leaves and remove anything sitting on the lawn, such as furniture, toys, or branches. As the season progresses, continue to remove new fallen branches and leaves. The weight of these objects over the course of the winter can kill or seriously stunt your grass.


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