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Keeping your lawn green and healthy during the hot days of summer begins with properly caring for lawns in spring.

It may not be a lot of fun, (calling Greenfield makes it easier) but spring lawn maintenance requires a few hours of spring cleaning. It’s tempting to get started on the first sunny day, but it’s critical to wait until the ground is dry, or you may compact the soil and damage the tender roots. Once the lawn is dry, you can gently rake away dead grass, leaves, twigs and other debris.

With a few spring lawn care tips from Greenfield, you can have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t be tempted to water your lawn in early spring. Watering too early only encourages shallow root growth, which will be unable to withstand hot, dry summer weather and may result in a brown, dry lawn. When you start watering, water deeply, then let the grass wilt slightly before watering again. Typically, about an inch of water per week is enough.
Similarly, spring isn’t a good time for banging on lots of fertiliser because the tender, new growth is likely to be scorched when the weather turns hot.

Don’t be in a rush to mow your lawn; be sure the ground is dry so you don’t compact the soil. Never scalp your lawn and don’t remove more than one-third the height of the grass at any mowing.

If your lawn needs aeration (poking small holes in the lawn so water, nutrients and air can reach the roots) then mid-spring is a good time. However, wait until Autumn to scarify.


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