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When temperatures cool and the blades of grass stop growing, the roots of your lawn continue to grow. That’s why grass care in Autumn includes watering and fertilization to provide the nutrients and moisture the lawn still requires to develop strong roots and build a reserve of energy.

You can use a hand-held spreader to fertilize a small lawn, but you’ll have better control and apply the fertilizer more evenly if you use a walk-behind spreader such as the ones we use at Greenfield. Read the fertilizer package instructions and follow them carefully. Make sure you set your equipment to deliver the correct amount. Less is more…

September / October is also the best time to apply a broadleaf lawn or moss herbicide should this be necessary.

Lawn care during the Autumn months also includes lawn repair. Fix bald spots with seeds to match the type of grass or a lawn repair mixture. Raking leaves is a lawn care task that few people look forward to, but it’s one of the most important things you’ll do for your lawn. Leaving the leaves on the grass blocks sunlight and encourages diseases. Greenfield can help with this if the chore becomes too much of a hassle.


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