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Installing turf that comes in handy rolls is a popular way to establish a new lawn. When installed properly and following proper turf laying instructions, this type of lawn can enhance the home, adding beauty the surrounding landscape. Laying turf can be done nearly anytime; however, it is usually better when installed in spring or Autumn when growing conditions are better.

Laying sod is time consuming, taking hours to install and is much more expensive than seed. For this reason, you’ll want to make certain it’s done right. Greenfield can give you peace of mind.

While thin turf may root faster, it generally requires more frequent watering. So try to choose a batch that is at least an inch or so thick and make sure it’s also similar to your soil type and site conditions.

Most turf varieties thrive in sunny locations; however, there are a few types that will tolerate shade. For this reason, you should do your homework beforehand to find the type that works best in your area.

Greenfield can help with a full turf laying service from start to finish.

Once the turf is down, lightly roll it to remove air pockets, and then water it thoroughly. A starter fertiliser may be applied to encourage root development, if desired, though this is not always required.

Try to keep off the newly installed sod until it becomes well established, usually within a couple weeks to a month.

Check for root development periodically to make sure that rooting is taking place. Once it has taken hold, you can begin to gradually decrease the amount of watering.


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