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You’ll either love mowing your lawn or you’ll hate it. You may think mowing your lawn is a sweaty, back-breaking chore or maybe you consider it an opportunity for healthy exercise as you connect with nature. Either way, mowing lawns properly is a requirement for healthy, vibrant turf.

At Greenfield, we love mowing lawns!

Mowing lawns properly is important in maintaining ongoing health. Mow your lawn when the grass is dry as diseases spread readily on damp turf and the wet grass can clog your mower. However, don’t mow during the hottest part of the day. Intense heat isn’t healthy for you or your lawn!

Mow in a different direction each time to promote even, upright growth. Otherwise, the grass will lean towards the direction in which you mow.

Leave the clippings so they can return valuable nutrients to the lawn. If you mow regularly, the short clippings decompose quickly and won’t damage your lawn. However, if you wait too long between mowing, or if the grass is damp, you may need to rake them lightly to distribute them evenly. As always, talk to Greenfield if you need any assistance.


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