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Green, trouble free lawns take work. The growth and replacement of cut grass blades produces a thatch, which can cause trouble for the health of the lawn. Lawn aerating will help break through thatch and increase nutrient, water and airflow to the roots of the turf. There are several aerating lawn tools on the market, which Greenfield can help you to source, or we can pop round and demonstrate various options based on your own needs. We can help make this annual chore easy and even fun.

There are several benefits of lawn aeration. Lawns with a thick build up of thatch that is more than an inch deep can suffer from disease and insect problems.

The benefits of aerating your lawn also include stimulating root growth by providing a more porous and easy to navigate soil texture. Lawn aerating is not always necessary annually on low thatch varieties of grass, but it cannot really hurt to increase the movement of water to the roots.

Lawn aerating is also important for earthworm activities, as it loosens the soil so they can perform their important composting activities.


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