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This is the biggest step, since it requires the most physical effort. First, you’ll need to work the soil to loosen it and allow you to remove weeds and rocks.

This is a task that requires careful attention. Grass seed will not grow in compacted soil, so plan to really dig into the soil where you want to spread grass seed.

If the soil is loose and moist already, you’ll make short work of it. If it’s hard, compact, overgrown or rocky, it will take longer.

Use a shovel and a hard rake to break up the soil when you are preparing a lawn for seeding. Dig at least 4 inches down. If you’re hiring Greenfield then we have a rotavator, this is a good time to use us.

Once you’ve broken up the soil, add compost in a level layer on the prepared lawn soil, then rake it in or turn it in with a shovel.

After you have finished preparing a lawn for seeding, it’s time to seed. Consider the grass types that grow best in your area and ask Greenfield about the pros and cons of different grasses before you buy.


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