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The best time for overseeding your lawn is determined by the type of seed. For most species, spring is the best time to overseed the turf.

When you are overseeding for winter coverage, you may put down seed in Autumn, but it requires quite a bit more management and irrigation to get the seed to take off. Call Greenfield to discuss the best possible timing for your lawn.

Preparation is an important part of the process. Rake and aerate the seedbed. Remove rocks and debris. Use the correct amount of seed in a seed spreader. Every species has a specific recommended seed rate. If you don’t have a seed spreader call Greenfield and we can help.

Use a starter fertiliser to get the plants off to a healthy start. It is also a good idea to use a pre-emergent herbicide safe for young grass seedlings. Once you apply the seed, you may top dress lightly with soil; but in most cases, the aeration holes will catch the seed and they will grow there without top dressing.

Keep the area evenly moist until you see the seeds sprout. Then you can reduce irrigation gradually to match normally watering schedules. Wait to mow the grass until the area has filled in and the blades are at least an inch high. If in doubt, call Greenfield.


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